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Civil Service Examination Details

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Candidates applied for Civil Service Preliminary Exam : 5,47,698

Candidates Eligible for Civil Service Preliminary Exam : 5,16,606

Candidates Appeared for Civil Service Preliminary Exam : 2,69,036

Candidates Qualified for Main Examination : 12,493 (4.6%)

Out of 12,493 candidates, 11,865 (95%) had appeared in the written part of Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2010 held in October – November, 2010. Based on the results of the written part of the Main Examination, 2,589(21.8%) candidates had qualified for the Interview and 2,587 candidates had appeared for the same. In terms of Rule 16 (4) of the Civil Services Examination, 921 candidates were recommended by the Commission during the year under report for appointment to the civil services against 1043 vacancies. The results of the remaining 122 vacancies have not been declared till the end of the year 2011-12, pending receipt of a requisition from Department of Personnel and Training under Rule 16 (5) of the Examination. Therefore the figure of 921 as the number of candidates recommended has been reckoned for this study. Community and gender wise number of candidates appeared, interviewed and recommended in the Civil Services (Main) Examination, 2010 are given in the following Table

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